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We have two baby cot x2F beds It has served it purpose for the time we had it It s strong and sturdy One of the cots x2F beds have a drawer under it with wheels for storage There are some minor marks on the cot however it does not effect the integrity of the cots x2F beds We ve had these since the birth of our two kids The heights of the bed it adjustable two three levels Both cots x2F beds have fences on both sides but can be removed completely or left on (We had them both on during the early stages and then took one side off) the bed will still be study with both fences taken off They already have mattresses (without the protector) however are not dirty and have never been soiled due to the number of sheets we put on the mattress The sheets were placed due to personal preference and is not required All in all they are truly lovely beds and if it were up to me I would have kept them However our kids now want a bunk bed Our room is small and I was presently surprised how well these two cots x2F beds and a wardrobe fit in perfectly If you would like more picture sent to you and any questions please let me know Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed Thanks Jay
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