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Ebay/ Paypal/ VCC 1000 item accounts for sale.
Ebay/ Paypal/ VCC 1000 item accounts for sale.
I have been making and using stealth ebay accounts for a number of years now after being banned myself for selling digital items although i had a 100% feedback rating. If you have been banned then this is the item for you. I sell several services related to ebay and paypal. Paypal only Paypal Only: £25 Verified Paypal package & Email & VCC & Phone verified. business account £75 Ebay sellers account & email & 1000/£10000 monthly limits. Each account is £75 for ebay, paypal, email and phone number all verified. If you would require simcard delivery this is possible if costs are covered. DOCUMENT SERVICE to remove EU recieving limits is £45. Virtual Credit cards dated until either 2022 or 2024: £8.99 Service includes a VCC with enough funds on to validate paypal account. once added i receive a 4 digit code that i send to you to confirm. Accepted Payment Methods: BANK TRANSFER PAYPAL SKRILL BITCOIN Further Information: All accounts have no bank account attached. You will need to attach one to withdraw to. All paypal accounts will be subject to 21 day holds if selling on ebay. Selling counterfit goods, VERO, Intangible items , brand names and copyrighted items is a quick way to getting an account limitation. I will not be held responsible for any account that sells these types of items. All sales are final. However ,if you believe an issue has arisen due to the account making process, Contact me by PM. This will be dealt with on a case by case basis. If I am liable, I will provide the same account as a replacement. Please note i only deal in UK accounts.
2019-08-12 10:02:27 PM

2019-08-12 8:20:16 AM

~~Classical Ayurvedic texts have several references to cancer. Some terms used to describe the condition are general while others are much more specific. Charaka and Sushruta Samhita (700 BC) both described the equivalent of cancer as granthi (benign or minor neoplasm) and arbuda (malignant or major neoplasm). Both can be inflammatory or non-inflammatory, based on the doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) involved. The term dosha describes the three principles that govern the psychophysiological response and pathological changes in the body. Ayurveda described health as the balanced coordination of these three systems in body, mind and consciousness. The fundamental theory of Ayurvedic treatment is based on restoration of the balance between these three major bodily systems. Scientifically proved natural sources of anticancer principles are selected, processed without any degradation and used for the cancer treatment. Treatment at Arogyam : Initially, a thorough examination of the patient is done to determine the disease status. The medical history, type of the treatment availed of and the medicines administered are also considered in determining the protocol for treatment. The duration of the treatment depends on the disease status and response to the medication. Depending on the response the patient is advised to take specific supportive therapy also. Natural herbal supplements destroys the Cancer cells and prevents their growth. It selectively kills the diseased cells. Besides, it is very safe and has got no side effects and no toxicity. But since it is a very complex disease a single medicine alone cannot do the job. We are using many other Ayurvedic decoctions along with herbal supplements for curative purposes.
2019-08-12 7:45:14 AM

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